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  • hink_trent
    May 23, 2003
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      My point was that the guy has experience with a larger kite and is
      probably either very heavy or lives in a location with light winds,
      So a 16 meter LEI will probably not be to big for him.

      I did not reccomed the frenzy for a beginner on the water, even
      though I got my first rides on the water using my open-celled buggy
      foil. Incidently if you crash one straight down into the water it is
      possible to relaunch them if you are fast on pulling the brake line
      and a little bit lucky.

      When he is more experienced and has some confidence, he'll be able to
      use the frenzy at least for cruising around when it is too windy for
      the 16.5 LEI.

      When I first got into kiting, The local dealer reccomeded I get a 5
      meter naish AR3 since anything else would be "too big" and "too
      dangerous" for learning kitesurfing. I decided to get a 3m foil
      instead and use that in the winter to learn kite skills.

      When I tried the 3m out, it seemed powerful when standing still but I
      was very dissapointed at at the lack of power for getting me moving
      on skis, unless the wind was really blowing hard.

      It makes me sick to think I almost took the dealer's advice and spent
      $700 on a 5 meter LEI. My 3 meter foil probably has about the same
      power and in the last three years there have only been about 3 days
      when It was windy enough to take the 3m on the water, and even on
      those days I did not have enough power to ride upwind. I live in a
      light wind area and most of the time I need a 16 meter foil and often
      that is not enough.

      Sure the reccomended beginner size now is 12m instead of 5. It is
      still way too small for some areas. Ted already has flown a 9.5 foil,
      which has about the same power as a 12meter LEI. He probably realizes
      that the 9.5 is not enough power for him to get on the water so he
      wants something with enough power. Reccomending a 12 meter kite is
      bad - it is essentially the same as what he has already, just a
      little more user friendly on the water.

      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, Mark Pronk <mpronk@m...> wrote:
      > Hink,
      > Its so that the Frenzy is an open cell foil. Intended for any place
      but the
      > water. Open cell kites are not relaunchable.
      > So, if Ted's a pro-kitesurfer he's gonna have lots of fun with it,
      but if he
      > drops it the fun is over.
      > Ted, go for something else on the water, not for the Frenzy. Unless
      > in a spot with shallow waters and no currents.
      > Takoon can't be bad, heard lots of good stories about them so if
      you can
      > Ted, go for it ;-)
      > Mark
      > -----------------------------------------
      > Have fun kiting, whatever you fly!
      > http://www.foils.nl <http://www.foils.nl/>
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      > Van: hink_trent [mailto:hink_trent@y...]
      > Verzonden: donderdag 22 mei 2003 16:52
      > Aan: ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com
      > Onderwerp: [ksurfschool] Re: Kite for newbie
      > The 9.5 frenzy is equivalent to a 12-13 tube kite so why should he
      > get another kite with the same power range? It depends on where you
      > live, what you weigh and what the winds are like.
      > If you are mountian boarding with a 9.5 foil then you probably live
      > in a lightwind area - the 16.5 size is probably fine, possibly even
      > on the small side if they are using flat sizing and depending on
      > winds you plan to ride in.
      > Sorry, I have never even seen a takoon kite in person so I cna't
      > comment on them.
      > --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, jakob Thegerström
      > wrote:
      > > For me it seems to be quite a big kite (16.5 square
      > > meters if i'm correct?). I think you should begin with
      > > something smaller... probably 11-13 square meters for
      > > your weight... but the price is nice...
      > >
      > > // J
      > >
      > >
      > > --- train@g... skrev:
      > > ---------------------------------
      > > I've been flying Ozone Frenzy 9.5m foil kites with
      > > landboard for about 4
      > > months (I weigh 83kg). I've got the stage where I can
      > > control the kite fairly
      > > well and board, but I'd now like to switch to water
      > > and thus I'm looking for a
      > > water kite and board (possible used) for summer use on
      > > big lakes and seaside.
      > >
      > > Someone has offered me a nearly new Takoon Wook 16.5m
      > > for $900US.
      > >
      > > Any opinions on that kite and whether it might be
      > > appropriate for me as a
      > > newbie with foil and boarding experience?
      > >
      > > Ted
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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