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4092RE: [ksurfschool] Surfboard as a kiteboard?

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  • Andre Myburgh
    Mar 11, 2003
      > I am 6'5" 220lbs. I will probaly using equipment in light
      > wind and flat water.

      Hi big boy

      Yes it's definitely possible to convert a surfboard. I've done two
      surfboards (a 6'ft and 9ft longboard). Chop up some glassfibre (with
      scissors), mix with polyester resin, push into over-sized holes drilled into
      the board (front foot slightly infront of centre, back foot 1 - 2' from
      back). Redrill the 'plugs' for a self-tapping screw (stainless or copper).
      Either make your own straps (seatbelt webbing with neoprene wetsuit stuck on
      the inside) or swipe some off a budies windsurfer.

      Me and 2 friends got up riding on the first try with the 6ft board and a
      Nasawing kite I made (the whole kit cost around $60). 6 months later still
      could not do the same on a fancy twintip and inflatable kite ;-)

      If you just want to cruise, a surfboard is fine (jumping with your weight
      could break it). Also, if the winds are light in your area, consider going
      for a big, floaty board. I still go out on light-wind days on a 9ft
      longboard (no staps).

      But, like others say, if you can find an old directional that fits your
      budget, why not?


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