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4082If you had 10 questions to ask Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, what woul d you ask???

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  • Mark Pronk
    Mar 5, 2003
      Hey everyone!!!

      Next week www.foils.nl will start preparations for a big special about
      Vlieger-Op, the world distributor of Peter Lynn Kiteboarding products.

      Part of this special is that we'd love to give everybody the chance to ask
      questions to Peter Lynn himself.

      So if there's anyone out there that has particular questions to ask.....

      Want to know what the future brings? SHOOT!
      Want to know what the company does? SHOOT!
      Want to know how things become what they are now? SHOOT!

      I'm sure you can come up with more smart questions then I can... So again...

      Mail your questions to info@... or post them on the special "questions
      to ask Peter Lynn Kiteboarding" forum of www.foils.nl!! Next week we will do
      the interview and will present the best, most interesting, most stupid, most
      intelligent, most...

      Well, you get the picture I guess...

      So flood our mailbox (gently) and (preferrably) our forum with all the
      questions and remarks you'd like to and we'll make sure most of them will be

      Happy SHOOT-ing!!! ;-)

      Have fun kiting, whatever you fly!

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