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  • flkitesurfer <flkitesurfer@hotmail.com>
    Jan 27, 2003
      Hello Hung,

      Looking forward to hearing about your new concept once it is online.
      The sport needs more good innovation in this critical area.

      With regard to not using the chicken loop, lots of pro riders are or
      at least were doing just that. Of course many of these folks bring
      more than a little skill into things and other considerations, that
      may not apply readily to many kiteboarders.

      I like to ride connected to the chicken loop as instantaneous
      depowering is a great thing to have to manage gusts, riding closer
      to the wind, etc. Ideally, what I don't like is being connected near
      shore, hard objects, etc. As others have said many of the current
      and upcoming kite designs rely upon being hooked in to the chicken
      loop for proper flight characteristics. There isn't much getting
      around that point during normal riding as opposed to launching and
      landing times.

      I am in agreement though about launching unhooked or not connected
      to the chicken loop with most kites, at least the ones that I have
      owned in the past (22 and counting!). One set of ideas for
      consideration and discussion follow. The core idea of all this is to
      avoid being connected to the control bar while launching/landing and
      near hard objects.

      Use the trim strap or line, perhaps even a longer one than normal to
      depower the kite prior to launch and landing. You have to build
      judgment over trial and error to learn how much depower you can get
      away with with a given kite and wind speed and still have acceptable
      flight characteristics and minimal kite load. Get the kite up and
      just off the beach, pointed towards the water (after careful
      preflighting), stroll down to the water under the tug of the kite.
      Holding the bar throughout this process. Once you are at the water
      with your kite out over the water and low, hook into the fixed
      harness line. It would be great if it was a quick release fixed
      harness line too. Stoop down grab your board and move on without
      delay. Get into the water, body drag out or otherwise get a line
      length or better two from shore. Then connect your ckicken loop
      using the fixed harness line to carry the kite load.

      Coming back in you merely reverse the process. Ideally it would be
      best to not be hooked in when you are near shore and be ready to
      have an undelayed assisted landing or be ready to activate your kite
      depowering leash with the kite in the water (easier on the kite,
      absent waves and rocks) or on the beach.

      I am working on a new photo sequence of this that I shot yesterday.
      Input on all this is welcome.

      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi

      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > Rick Iossi wrote:
      > > Good point Hung. The added wind range that the chicken loop
      allows you
      > > to
      > > handle does up the anty for misfortune as compared to going with
      > > kite with
      > > no depower capacity, two line or four line without/chicken loop.
      > > no
      > > chicken loop the main factors that allow you to increase your
      > > range
      > > with a given kite size are skill, line length and board size.
      > One can always use a longer trim strap to use all the wind range
      > available to a kite (should I add this to the Kitesurfing Myths?)
      > only thing a chicken loop (or shackle in to the front lines) does
      is to
      > provide instantaneous depowering and that can be replaced easily by
      > edging. The danger of the chicken loop (or shackle in to the front
      > lines) is just too much for such a little "advantage" (some may not
      > consider it's an advantage). Shackle users (and to some extend
      > loop users) are currently betting their life on one
      SINGLE "mechanical"
      > part that may fail.
      > Without the chicken loop (or shackle in to the front lines) we are
      > to the "safer old days" when everyone (or almost ;-) would launch
      > land the the kite "unhooked".
      > > Anyway, having an option to manually unhooking from the fixed
      > > line
      > > such as an integrated pin quick release would be worth
      > As long as it works, the more option the better.
      > Hung.
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