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4053Re: [ksurfschool] Re: WARNING TO SNAP SHACKLE USERS!!!

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  • Hung Vu
    Jan 24, 2003
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      Rick Iossi wrote:
      > Good point Hung. The added wind range that the chicken loop allows you
      > to
      > handle does up the anty for misfortune as compared to going with a
      > kite with
      > no depower capacity, two line or four line without/chicken loop. With
      > no
      > chicken loop the main factors that allow you to increase your wind
      > range
      > with a given kite size are skill, line length and board size.

      One can always use a longer trim strap to use all the wind range
      available to a kite (should I add this to the Kitesurfing Myths?) The
      only thing a chicken loop (or shackle in to the front lines) does is to
      provide instantaneous depowering and that can be replaced easily by
      edging. The danger of the chicken loop (or shackle in to the front
      lines) is just too much for such a little "advantage" (some may not
      consider it's an advantage). Shackle users (and to some extend chicken
      loop users) are currently betting their life on one SINGLE "mechanical"
      part that may fail.

      Without the chicken loop (or shackle in to the front lines) we are back
      to the "safer old days" when everyone (or almost ;-) would launch and
      land the the kite "unhooked".

      > Anyway, having an option to manually unhooking from the fixed harness
      > line
      > such as an integrated pin quick release would be worth considering.

      As long as it works, the more option the better.

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