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  • Rick Iossi
    Jan 24, 2003
      Good point Hung. The added wind range that the chicken loop allows you to
      handle does up the anty for misfortune as compared to going with a kite with
      no depower capacity, two line or four line without/chicken loop. With no
      chicken loop the main factors that allow you to increase your wind range
      with a given kite size are skill, line length and board size. Permanently
      connecting to a traction kite is always a serious decision only more so near
      hard objects. I concluded about two years ago that in doing so I could be
      seriously injured as a consequence.

      In the case of avoiding the chicken loop, I would still advise having some
      form of mechanical release for the main harness line. Ideally, this would be
      a reliable pin release on the harness line. About three years ago this month
      I treated myself to at least a 100 ft. high speed dragging across sand with
      a FIVE SQ. METER Wipika Classic. I couldn't unhook at one point aside from
      which the early depowering leash design had tied into a tight knot by the
      dragging. I didn't appreciate the significance of kiteboarding in unstable
      weather in those early days. I do NOW!

      Anyway, having an option to manually unhooking from the fixed harness line
      such as an integrated pin quick release would be worth considering.

      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi

      --- In kitesurf@yahoogroups.com, Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      >There is a simpler solution to all these: Don't use the chicken loop nor
      >shackle in.
      >The danger of the chicken loop (or shackle in the front lines) far
      >out-weighs its advantage (if there is any). The number of serious
      >accidents in the past invloving the chicken loop (or the shackle) more
      >or less has demonstrated this.
      >P.S., The "spin leash" can be implemented without having to have the
      >chicken loop (or shackle in the front lines) part.
      >"flkitesurfer " wrote:
      > > > Hello George,
      > > > Please check with your local kiteboarding gear retailer to see if he
      > > has one. NSI, Kitehigh.com, Murrays.com and many other sources have
      > > these modified "trigger" shackles available. I M P O R T A N T :
      > > Make sure that the Wichard or Tylaska shackle has been modified to
      > > facilitate release. Some prefer a cord and knob others prefer the
      > > kind with a metal bold and two knobs on either side of the shackle.
      > > Using the shackle as it comes from the manufacturer for yachting
      > > applications is NOT ACCEPTABLE. A modification to facilitate
      > > release MUST BE DONE kiteboarding.
      > > > Also, if it hasn't been obvious to this point, there are no perfect
      > > solutions at this point. All the quick release options that I am
      > > aware of have their own issues. The side release shackles may not
      > > release at all under certain circumstances. The Wichards and
      > > Tylaskas may release too easily and prematurely. If I had to choose
      > > between no release or premature release I think I would go with the
      > > later option in kiteboarding. The pin quick releases may bend or
      > > require excessive force to release, etc. As with many other aspects
      > > of kiteboarding, the rider needs to inspect, test and carefully
      > > maintain things himself. Talking about your experiences and
      > > observations in these Internet forums will spread the value of what
      > > you have learned to others.
      > > > FKA, Inc.
      > > > transcribed by:
      > > Rick Iossi

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