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  • flkitesurfer <flkitesurfer@hotmail.com>
    Jan 23, 2003
      Hello Chris,

      All the legal text, flash pages, disclaimers, pdf files, copy/print
      restrictions and copyright are a pain, aren't they? Things aren't
      much easier from my perspective either.


      All these measures aren't accidental and were brought about with a
      purpose in mind. A sad, unfortunate one but a perceived need all the
      same. Quite a while back, the Accident Database, ancestor of the
      KSI generated concerns and calls for getting rid of it, given fears
      that the information might be used against the sport. I had real
      concerns about this as too many people didn't know or perhaps
      appreciate the hazards that dwell with the strong positive aspects
      of this sport. Hazard awareness has improved since that time but we
      still have a way to go. Thanks to Hung for creating and maintaining
      this excellent site to work towards spreading greater awareness and
      knowledge about kiteboarding. The suggestions were taken to heart, a
      lot of changes made and the KSI was brought about.

      The KSI is stated to be a collection of largely unconfirmed events
      that might be best to be considered to be plausible scenarios as
      opposed to actual events. Makes sense to me. The KSI has terms of
      use, they interfere with the distribution of the information to
      kiteboarders but no where as great as taking the information out of
      circulation would. The KSI is to be used by kiteboarders for
      improving safety. Hence the access restrictions. It is a pain but
      as a non-attorney it is the best that I could come up with.
      Suggestions are welcome in this. I apologize for getting behind in
      the KSI updates. There has been so much going on with new
      initiatives such as the Ten Ideas campaign** and series of accidents
      and new actions in response to them, that I have fallen behind
      That will be fixed quite soon.


      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi

      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Gaskins
      <gaskins@m...> wrote:
      > Rick,
      > I really, really appreciate the accident reports. However, I am
      > by the fact that the report is distributed in Acrobat PDF format
      > *printing restrictions*. I want to read the entire 50-60+ page
      report, but
      > not on my screen, so the service is working against itself in
      terms of
      > maximizing the benefit of the report to the community. Is there
      > that can be done about this? Why is it copyrighted material with
      > restriction on the reproduction? I care deeply about this sport
      and value
      > tremendously the effort that is put into the accident report. I
      just want
      > to see the benefit of the report maximized...
      > Chris
      > >There has been another serious accident. Reportedly the failure
      of an
      > >improperly rigged snap shackle to release was a key factor in the
      > >If a snap shackle is used in lieu of a Quick Release, it must be
      > >rigged, maintained and tested to improve the odds that it will
      release when
      > >needed. Accidents will happen in kiteboarding it would be good to
      try to
      > >reduce the quantity of avoidable ones. More about this at:
      > >
      > ><http://www.kiteforum.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?
      > >
      > >FKA, Inc.
      > >
      > >transcribed by:
      > >Rick Iossi
      > Christopher Gaskins, MAI
      > Meridian Associates, Inc.
      > P.O. Box 21177
      > Salem, Oregon 97307-1177
      > e-mail: gaskins@m...
      > (503) 463-5000 (phone)
      > (503) 463-5200 (fax)
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