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3999Re: [ksurfschool] Starting out

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  • Kite Geek
    Dec 20, 2002

      First welcome to the sport of kites. Welcome to the group.

      While I am not sure of what your first kite should be but start smaller as to get used to the steering and start with a quad line design. Much more control.

      The best thing I can tell you as find someone to teach you this sport. The little cost for the lessons even with your sports background could end up saving your life or others around you. I know this sounds like a parent saying be careful now. But, any new sport no matter your past skill is still new, and while some thing will seem old hat, the new things will not. Think about lessons then find that first kite, in the long run you will be a far better kiter and get far more enjoyment much sooner out of the sport.

      Kite surfing is like taking snowboarding, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, gymnastics, and some other skilled sports and squish them into one thing. Kick up the speed and power factor add some hieght you have kite surfing.

      I ask any instructors in the area of this soon to be power kite pilot get in touch and start him off in the right direction.

      By the way good luck, and welcome.

      The Kite Geek,

      Supports the idea that lessons learned may save your life.

      Do something. Go fly a kite.
      We need your help with the Kites on TV Project

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