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  • flkitesurfer
    Nov 20, 2002
      Good points folks. Some of us have been saying that kiteboarding is
      not as easy as it looks for quite a while. The problem is that it
      can be very easy until things go wrong. Just like flying, you can
      learn to steer a plane in about five minutes, landing, takeoff and
      dealing with emergencies take a lot more time and training. At any
      rate being more methodical is critical for kiteboarding for the long
      term free of serious incidents.

      Many of us may remember launch approaches in the pre-four line
      inflatable days. Launching unhooked was fairly common and endorsed
      for obvious safety reasons. Easily taking advantage of the greater
      wind range of 4 line inflatables compels the majority to hook in to
      the chicken loop to launch. Jo makes a good point, launching
      unhooked solves a lot of safety problems during the vulnerable step
      in kiteboarding. It does raise some other issues on restricted wind
      range but kiteboarding is all about choices.

      Rick Iossi

      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "Jo Macdonald" <mrjomacdonald@v...> wrote:
      > All good stuff, but everyone can makes mistakes and even if I
      > and recheck my lines, this is one of the best reasons I've got for
      > launching unhooked.
      > In strong wind with the trim all the way down, or depower held on
      > the bar.
      > If the shit hits the fan let go fast and let the leash do its job.
      > Jo
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