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  • Philip
    Nov 20, 2002
      The new set up by North is a good one, But the bottom line is to take
      your time.
      We are all excited about getting going as quickly as possible when we
      get to the beach, but taking the few extra minutes to check and double
      check your gear can stop a very bad situation from occurring.

      I have been kiting for four years and still attach my lines one at a
      time going all the way from the bar to the kite with each line, this
      allows me to make sure I have no twists in lines, it also give me a
      chance to feel along each line for abrasions that may call for a line
      replacement. It does take a little longer, But I have the best chance of
      getting it right.
      I never let anyone else hook up my lines, I never hook up anyone else's

      Before I have someone launch my kite weather they have done it 100 times
      for me or it is the first time I am getting a launch from someone I tell
      them not to let go of the kite until I have checked the lines and give
      them the Okay to let the kite go.

      If your bar does not have different colored sides so you can easily tell
      which is right and left, MARK THEM with red and green tape, there have
      been many accidents when people have the bar upside-down before launch
      or relaunch of the water.

      Philip Mann
      Inland Sea Windsurf Co.
      toll free 888-465-2632

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      We all have heard of quite a few accidents involving novices to more
      than a few experts, making an attachment error with their flying
      lines, back to front or crossed over, launching in powered
      conditions and then rider gets slammed at high speed! Proper
      preflighting will avoid this but people will make mistakes. Dwight
      mentioned an approach used by North to create a fixed "polarity" or
      limited ways of attaching the flight lines. A photo series on one
      possible approach for retrofitting many kites appears at:


      This one hasn't been tested yet. There must be a few dozen different
      ways of doing this. It would be good for folks to work on this,
      otherwise in a careless moment things could become pretty painful.

      FKA, Inc.

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