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3946Power/Depower Question

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  • yeksaldj
    Nov 3, 2002
      Hi folks,
      Could someone answer a question for me and/or point me to a
      source of this info? My experience consists of a weekend of
      kiteboard lessons at Hood River on 2-liners, and paragliding. I'm
      trying to visualize the control of 4-line kites. As I understand it
      the leading edges are attached to the bar ends, and the trailing
      edges are fed through the bar to the spreader bar, so pulling in on
      the bar would decrease the angle of attack of the wing, and it would
      fly faster. Letting up on the bar would increase the angle of
      attack, giving more lift but making kite slower. Sorry, but I come
      from a paragliding background, and am trying to relate it to what I
      know already. What is "power" in kiteboarding, in or out, speed or
      lift, or am I off-base in my little analysis? Keeping in mind that
      the only dumb question is the one not asked, could someone please

      And while I've got your undivided attention, what are the pros and
      cons of having a quiver composed of different brands of kites? I'm
      looking on Iwind and Ebay for kite deals. What would be the problems
      if I ended up with a Naish 3.5, a Cabrinha Blacktip, and a Slingshot,
      of different sizes, for example.

      Thanks, Jim
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