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3944Re: [ksurfschool] Beginner on the Bay

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  • Dwight & Jacky
    Oct 31, 2002
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      Any place good for windsurfers is good for kiting. Go chase those windsurfers around the bay. Most windsurfers know who the local kiters are.
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      From: onewaysurfer
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      Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 2:43 PM
      Subject: [ksurfschool] Beginner on the Bay

      I'm new to kite surfing (newer than everyone else here I'm
      sure), and just bought a trainer kite. I'm learning quickly on land
      and should be in the water soon. My question is this. I live in
      Annapolis, MD, and do not have too much free time to get out of
      Annapolis. I've done some net research and found that the nearest
      confirmed location for good surfing is Ocean City, but it's too far
      for me to visit often. I left surfing back in Cali, and I have an
      urge to do it out here, so when I saw some kiters back home, I
      thought, "Hey, we have wind in MD! I could kitesurf!" I thought I
      might be able to do some kiting right here on the Chesapeake Bay,
      since there are obviously good winds (lots of sailboats and
      sometimes windsurfers). However, I've never seen a kite out there. I
      was just wondering if any of you veterans knew whether the Bay is a
      good place to kite or not. If not I'll have to drag myself out to
      Ocean City every time I want to kite which would be tough. Any info
      would be great, but mainly if the conditions on the Bay are good, if
      it seems reasonable to surf there, or if there are any regulations
      prohibiting it. I know it's kind of obscure, but again, I will
      appreciate any possible info. Thanks a bunch.


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