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  • Kite Surfer
    Aug 16, 2000
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      Information on Margarita Island.

      Margarita Island is located in the Venezualian Carribean off the Northern
      Coast of Venezuala. Margarita Island emerges out of the warm water in the
      Caribbean Sea, with a surface of 1071 Km2, 315 Km. beautiful beaches,
      mountains, valleys and deserts. With an average annual temperature at 30 C
      and together with Coche and Cubagua Islands, they form the State of Nueva
      Esparta. This group of islands have a similar geological construction and
      are located at 38 Km from the north-east coast of Venezuela.

      Surprisingly airfare is very affordable and Margarita is home to the largest
      duty free port in all of the Caribbean!

      Margarita is world reknowned for having the most reliable winds all year
      round. (vs. Maui, Gorge, Hatteras, and other more seasonal sites). Kite
      Surf the Earth is organizing a kite surfing vacation here on Dec. 1-9 and
      will be arranging all the details with significant savings on transportation
      and lodging. We do not have the exact prices yet, but limited space will be
      available. Please let us know if you are interested.

      For more information, keep checking our site at:


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      >Where is Magarita Venz?
      >I kitesurf and windsurf; however, what is a good month for kitesurf inVenz?
      >What is it included for a price for one person and a couple?
      >Please reply,
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      > From: paul menta
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      > Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 7:49 PM
      > Subject: [ksurfschool] kitesurftheearth.com
      > Heh all, i have started a web site called kitesurftheearth.com It is
      >geared to help new people in the sport.We do not retail kites ,but can
      >advise where to buy,whats good ect... I will be doing kite surfing clinics
      >all over flordia and in texas and north carolina all fall and winter.These
      >clinics are designed to help out new people and get them riding,or some one
      >that is looking to go up wind and tack proper.We are also offering 2 kite
      >surf vactions for people already in the sport at cheap rates! First one is
      >in Margarita Venz. all included vaction,will have many kites with us to
      >try.I am being sponsered by wipika and sky high dist. which also carries
      >mosquitos and will train on foils and inflateables,or if you want to
      >demo,let me know when your around the clinics,i will have the wipika [ar5]
      >16 meter kites with me!Please check out the site and look for our line of
      >kite surf shirts and hats next month
      > thanx Paul Menta
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