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3889Re: Repearing torn kites. PLEASE HELP!!

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  • vytaspass
    Oct 2, 2002
      Use ripstop tape and sew it yourself or take it to a sailmaker, or
      boatshop, to have it done.

      Some seams on inflatables in the skin can just be taped without the
      sewing. That may work for you fine.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "Ryan" <djwipika@y...> wrote:
      > Hey everyone. Hope u all getting good wind lately cause im not.
      > The other day i was dumb enough to do some inland kitesurfing at
      > dam. Dispite all the sharp rocks but hey. I was desperate.. So i
      > crashed and got a 2cm long cut. I also got 2 matchhead size cuts. i
      > was almost in tears. How do i repair it without leaving a obvius
      > patch. Or can i get it profesionally done.
      > Thanx if u can help.
      > Ryan
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