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3886Re: [ksurfschool] Shorter lines for cabrinha 9,4

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  • Christopher Gaskins
    Sep 29, 2002
      >Don't bother with shorter than 22M on that size kite. Also shorter lines
      >only reduce the size of the wind window your kite can fly in, they do not
      >actually create less power.

      It is certainly true that longer lines do not, in and of themselves, create
      more power. The size of the window grows in direct proportion to the
      increased length of the lines. Given that the circumference of a circle = 2
      * pi * radius, then if the power window is 45 degrees (on one side) and you
      have 20 meter lines, the length of the window arc (at the water line,
      technically) = 2 * pi * 20 * (45/360) = 15.7 meters. With 30 meter lines,
      the window arc is 23.6 meters.

      So, the expanded size of the wind window gives the kite greater traveling
      distance. I think this allows the kite to continue accelerating for a
      longer time than in a smaller window because it is staying in the power
      zone for longer. A longer acceleration time means greater kite speed, which
      means greater apparent wind speed, which would therefore create more power.
      At least, that's my thought!


      > Thinking of changing to shorter lines to extend uperwind range.....Im
      > using 29 meters total.. Thinking of changin to 22m total or 17 m
      > total line length........ Any suggestions?????? Will the jumping be
      > bad on 17 m lines???????

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