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38[ksurfschool] Re: Kite size?

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  • Just Al.
    Jan 12, 2000
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      What do you mean, too cold for water sports...I was out windsurfing
      yesterday in North Wales....I've had to break the ice to go wondsurfing in
      lakes before now!!!
      I was also teaching a beginner to windsurf yesterday (although, he did go
      a bit blue after a while!), and helping a friend tune a new kite that he'd
      received (Spider Modulus 38)...Not that I really know what I'm doing, as
      I've only just got into kiting myself.
      Just before Xmas I bought a 2.8m Predator Mk II. Flying it (despite having
      no previous kite flying experience) was a doddle. I've now progressed onto
      using it as a traction engine for a mountain board on the sands. I'm hoping
      that the skills learnt doing this will be transferrable to
      kite-surfing...Has anyone else here used mountain boards as a learning or
      practice platform for kite-surfing??...How transferrable are the skills?

      Also,...Line Lengths. I've noticed that kite-surfers tend to use much
      longer (30-40m) lines than people use in other kite traction activities
      (20-30m)...How much difference do longer lines actually make? i.e. My
      Predator 2.8m produces enough power for me at the moment in 15kts of wind
      with 75ft lines.If I used 100ft lines in 10kts, would it produce a similar
      amount of power???


      06:02 PM 1/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
      >Thanks for the kind thoughts, but!!!!!!! We no longer have winter! haven't
      >had for 3 or 4 years! It's too cold for water sports to be pleasant and too
      >warm for snow and ice. I've got the spring bulbs and flowers coming up!
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      >Subject: [ksurfschool] Re: Kite size?
      >> Dave Raue wrote:
      >> > ps- this time of year I crave warmth too. Southern New England sucks in
      >> > winter!
      >> Winter is not that bad! Try some winter sport like snowboarding and you
      >> will never ever longing for summer again.
      >> Or try kite snowskiing!!!
      >> If you don't have enough snow, import some from Canada ;-)
      >> Hung.
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