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3638Re: How about... upwind body dragging?

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  • hink_trent
    Aug 3, 2002
      I am using 3 line mosquito foils. Although I probably can't bodydrag
      into the wind I can hold my ground very well by body dragging on a
      beam reach. It is a very good skill to have because if your board
      ends up upwind of you, you can slow your downwind drift to the point
      where the board will catch up with you pretty quickly (2 or 3 tacks).
      then you can grab your board and get on rhather than body drag to the
      beach and stand around like a kook waiting for your board to drift in.

      You need to have a kite that is powered up pretty well and a harness
      to hook into. Use one hand to dive the kite toward the side of the
      window to get you going, then stick your other hand down into the
      water like a fin and keep your body straight and pointing towards the

      If you don't move at all when you park the kite at the side of the
      window, then you do not have enough power.

      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "Kitepower" <sydney@k...> wrote:
      > Is that the Concept Air New Wave foils?
      > If so, sorry but no! :-(
      > They do not have adjustable AOA, like the Flysurfers. Booms, etc
      > No need to remove the foot though as you were quite right, you
      > cannot bodydrag upwind with that kite, but I bet in the right,
      narrow wind
      > range you can.
      > Cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > http://www.kitepower.com.au
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      > Open 7 days
      > 126 Beach St, Coogee, Sydney, Australia 2034
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      > From: Denisesewa@a... [mailto:Denisesewa@a...]
      > Sent: 03 August, 2002 5:41 PM
      > To: ksurfschool@y...
      > Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] How about... upwind body dragging?
      > In a message dated 8/2/2002 8:24:10 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
      > sydney@k... writes:
      > > You absolutely can body drag upwind, we teach people to do it in
      > school.
      > > I have done it numerous times.
      > > Every experienced kiteboarder should be able to do it too.
      > > But there are some conditions
      > > You can only do it with inflatables, arcs, and flysurfers and
      > foils
      > > Basically you can only do it with kites that you can change the
      angle of
      > > attack on, 4 lined inflato's, arcs, and variable AOA foils like
      > flysurfers.
      > > You must be powered up, it is impossible to body drag upwind when
      > > underpowered.
      > > You need to sheet out as far as possible and keep your body
      straight as
      > > possible, steering with one arm and extending the other.
      > > You must practice it, to learn how to do it.
      > >
      > > Cya and
      > > Goodwinds
      > > Steve McCormack
      > >
      > As she gently takes her foot out of mouth :)
      > O-well >> shrug<<
      > So I assume my New waves in 3 line mode are capable Steve??
      > Denise
      > http://hometown.aol.com/denisesewa/index.html
      > ]
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