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  • jamisdiablo69
    Jul 8, 2002
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      The depower line, 3rd line, should not be attached to anything other
      than your wrist. If it is attached to your bar it will not work and
      if it is in anyway attached to either of the other lines it may not
      work either and may actually cause the kite to power up suddenly,
      although not likely. The third line pulls in the trailing edge thus
      depowering the kite by taking all tension off the bridles and putting
      all pressure on the wrong side of the kite so it dies in the wind...
      just make sure the 3rd line is longer (about 3-5ft. for me I've
      found) than the other lines, make sure it is not tangled at all with
      any other lines and it'll work fine, assuming you have you're 9.0 out
      in the right conditions! Don't worry too much about twists yet, if
      they happen just bring the kite down (assisted) and get'em out. The
      only twists should be resulting from crashes and then you'll prob.
      need help anyway. Twists resluting from looping the entire kite in
      the air (near impossible with this monster) or from doing actually
      spins on a board, can usually easily be undone by spining yourself
      when on the ground or in the water one way or the other. Lines spun
      once or twice are still responsive but much more than that and the
      kite doesn't behave well. Sounds like you need to wait for spins of
      anykind for awhile still anyway... :)

      And if this kite gets wet, forget it! Take it out and let it dry,
      then try again. Mine's older so it leaks in water a bit, but I've
      got to imagine even the newer ones don't float for long! LOL!

      I really, strongly suggest trying a different kite if you can... the
      9.0 is super slow, has killer steering forces and is very UNforgiving
      in errors and impossible to waterrelaunch... but I will say that it
      stays up in the air when few other things will... but by then no kite
      is very fun, is it?!

      Stay safe... sounds like you need someone to teach you "hands-on" how
      to fly that kind of kite my friend...


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "Alger, David" <dalger@p...> wrote:
      > OK, I got my 9m F-one up for a few seconds before I got disoriented
      by being
      > lifted and then water dragged and let it fall to the horizon. But
      when I
      > dropped the bar, the safety leash did not depower it much, because
      it was
      > leashed to the bar by about two feet of strap. I guess so that it
      would not
      > twist the lines when the kite looped. My solution is to run the
      third line
      > through a ring (clipped onto one flying line at the bar) and remove
      > strap ramsheaded to the bar. Will this depower the kite?
      > Also, when I crash this monster, can it be relaunched without
      swimming 40
      > meters to flip it?
      > Thanks to the fellow from Florida who helped me at Sangekontaket on
      > Vineyard!
      > - David
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