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  • Mel
    Jul 2, 2002
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      "John Glazebrook" <john.glazebrook@...> wrote:

      > Hey Mel,
      > Been looking at the 'consumer' mel mod picture. I had a kinda scary
      > situation and decided to get rid of my crappy arm leash and do a MEL MOD.
      > What does the line coming from the right brake line to the cam cleat (is
      > called this?) at the bottom of the two power lines do?

      It's actually a CLAM Cleat brand "jam" cleat, not to be confused with CAM
      cleats, which have rotating cam-action parts which grip the line.

      I call that "extra" line (between the two right lines) a "bar leash",
      because it's what keeps the bar within reach if you drop it. It's also what
      keeps the bar within reach of the stopper, if you release on the water. It
      is not needed if you run the trim line through the bar ("traditional"
      system). It is only needed on "free" bars, where you don't run the trim
      line through the bar (or a fitting on the bar).

      > Can I get rid of it? On release does it pull the bar up the main line?
      > so, why?

      You can get rid of it if you use a "conventional" system where the trim line
      slides through the bar. On release the kite itself pulls the bar away from
      you. Even if you have a stopper a linelength up, with a free bar it's
      possible for the bar to slide all the way to the kite, or even drift a full
      line length past the kite, if you don't have the "bar leash". Also, if you
      ever drop the bar, it will swing away from you & hang straight under your
      kite, about 30' away from you! (yes, I discovered that by making the mistake

      > Oh, by the way, you and a few others on the ksurf list send the willies
      > my spine every time I read how bad some situations can become ( like some
      > the stuff thats happened to me coulda gone a *lot* worst )

      How's this for "willies"?: About 2 hours ago I was coming in after 3 hours
      of riding, & after flying my kite up a bit to slow down as I approached
      shore, I was fully tea-bagged & came out of my straps. I managed to get the
      kite down low & body-dragged further in, but when slowing to stand in the
      shallows the kite luffed & drifted back so far I had to release* in order to
      eliminate the chance of it reopening in the power zone & lofting me onto the
      big jagged rocks.

      * Good thing it's reliable, & that I "practice" releasing every day when