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342Re: [ksurfschool] Used kite wanted

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  • paul menta
    Jul 17, 2000
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      I have some cheap ones e-mail me direct,and we will talk,make sure you tell
      me what your budget is..........paul


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      Thanx for the many and varied replies to my request for a used kite. With
      or without hardware.and lines.
      I am on a very limited budget but have large need to be airborne.
      Am so tired and frustrated from spending tooooo many summer afternoons
      sitting on the sand and watching!!!!!
      Please....anyone....even a torn/abused/crusty old kite.....anything..
      How about a barter/trade/????
      I am a shoemaker/cobbler and could offer custom Gypsy Travelling Shoes,
      maybe even a couple pair???
      Talk to me
      I know that somewhere,somehow,...someone of you, has an old kite, sitting
      in the garage gathering dust.
      You know you're not going to use it again. Heck no. Not with that spanking
      new AR5 15.5 Naishe water relaunchable in your arsenal.
      Bummin in California.

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