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3382Re: Final Waterstart question. Sooo Close!

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  • mauidragao
    Jun 2, 2002
      -Thank you Mel what a good answer, I know I can do it it just I need
      more water time you know .


      - In ksurfschool@y..., Mel <kitebord@p...> wrote:
      > "mauidragao" <mauidragao@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi Mel
      > >
      > > I just learn how to get up on my broad and I only able to
      > > to the left doesn,t it got anything to do with when I snowbroad
      > > I am regular.
      > Maybe. I'm regular foot, & had no trouble learning left (port tack)
      > waterstarts, but then I was already doing that on a sailboard even
      before I
      > learned to snowboard (let alone kiteboard!). My normal answer to
      the "can't
      > do it the other way" question is to get good enough doing it one
      way that
      > you can do it without thinking, then while thinking about something
      > (such as how it would feel to do it in the opposite direction!).
      > Mel
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