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3381Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Final Waterstart question. Sooo Close!

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  • Mel
    Jun 2, 2002
      "mauidragao" <mauidragao@...> wrote:

      > Hi Mel
      > I just learn how to get up on my broad and I only able to go
      > to the left doesn,t it got anything to do with when I snowbroad cause
      > I am regular.

      Maybe. I'm regular foot, & had no trouble learning left (port tack)
      waterstarts, but then I was already doing that on a sailboard even before I
      learned to snowboard (let alone kiteboard!). My normal answer to the "can't
      do it the other way" question is to get good enough doing it one way that
      you can do it without thinking, then while thinking about something else
      (such as how it would feel to do it in the opposite direction!).

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