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3161RE: [ksurfschool] twin tip or directional for starting

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  • Kitepower
    Apr 27, 2002
      This is perhaps one of the more debatable questions we are asked by
      beginners. Here is a round about answer:
      When making any choice you have to compare the advantages and the
      disadvantages. You will certainly get up quicker on a large directional.
      However if you are unnacustomed to jibing you may find turning around a
      little tricky. You can always jump off turn the board around and voila! Now
      the question remains why do that when you can use a bidi (rectional) and
      learn to turn in your first board session. It is true to say that you may
      need more kite to get going. I think that this is the most discerning
      factor. If you are not comfortable with carrying a little more kite then
      your decision is already made. However if you are a bidi rider already from
      Wake or Snow then it is hard to justify mixing your style. The main thing is
      to try everything and don't judge it until you have given it a fair go. If
      you are sludging on the smaller board don't blame it, put up a bigger kite
      and see what you think. Move from your comfort zone and you may find your
      comfort zone will move with you. Ride what you like and don't dislike what
      you haven't ridden!
      Now stop reading and go ride!

      When it doesn't blow it sucks!

      Dave Corrin
      Open 7 days
      126 Beach St, Coogee, Sydney, Australia 2034
      Phone +61293157894
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      Subject: [ksurfschool] twin tip or directional for starting

      I'm sure you've discussed this but i searched and couldn't find a
      good answer. For beginners are tt's or directionals the way to go?
      and why?
      Thanks - Paul

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