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3037Re: [ksurfschool] controlling wakeboard speed

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  • ian@gettingnervous.com
    Apr 3, 2002
      Thanks a million for all of your replies...

      The general consensus ( thanks for the great tips Philip ) is to just keep
      on edging and edging and edging even if it feels like a bail out is more

      Keep the kite low, ( even if this "feels" wrong ), keep an even distribution
      of weight on both feet, and edge high into the wind. If I am succesfull this
      will keep down the boardspeed and eventually allow me to gain more control
      about just how fast I want to go????

      cool, thanks.


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      From: "Philip" <phil@...>
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      Sent: 03 April 2002 14:38
      Subject: RE: [ksurfschool] controlling wakeboard speed

      > Ian,
      > I think we all know that feeling. I want to bail out, but I can get my
      > body to do it.
      > To get the kite flying more in front of you and control your speed you
      > must be first be in control.
      > Once critical speed is reached.... Well you know what happens..
      > Its like the scene from Willy Wonka when the "rowers keep rowing and
      > there are no signs of slowing,...."
      > Try edging as hard as soon as you drop the kite into the power zone and
      > point the board hard up wind.
      > Ride in a super slow controlled manor keeping the board pointed up wind
      > if the kite starts to pull hard and stars turning you down wind sit down
      > and hold the edge and let the kite fly forward of you again.
      > "rinse and repeat!"
      > Keep doing this until you can ride comfortable very slowly controlling
      > the speed so that you are just standing up and moving.
      > Once you have this under control you can start to bare off slightly and
      > allow the board to gain in speed.
      > As soon as you pick up some speed keep that edge on! If you feel the
      > "train a' coming" sit it down~! Regain control and start again.
      > Keep doing this and you will learn a lot about power control using the
      > edge.
      > When over powered bring the kite low in the sky and drop that edge. It's
      > a little counter intuitive to drop the kite lower but it allows you to
      > get leverage on the kite.
      > The pull will be intense as the kite flies toward the edge of the window
      > but it will subside quickly if you keep that edge on.
      > Philip
      > Philip Mann
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      > From: Hung Vu [mailto:hungvu@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 2:20 AM
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      > Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] controlling wakeboard speed
      > ian@... wrote:
      > > My main problem being that as I get going I get faster and faster
      > > until everything just gets madly out of control resulting in some
      > > serious wipe outs. The area where I ride is a little bit choppy which
      > > doesn't help the matter but I imagine that once I learn to reduce the
      > > speed, the chop wont be such a problem.
      > >
      > > I've watched boost several times and it isn't something that they go
      > > too far into. When I try and edge harder upwind I find it
      > > progressively harder and harder to hold the edge and I slide into an
      > > even worse wipe-out.
      > Sounds like you are in the going-too-fast and going-too-slow dilemma.
      > When you are going too fast, the kite simply makes you going faster and
      > faster until you fall.
      > When you are going too slow, the kite simply yank you right out of your
      > board.
      > The trick is not to go with the pull of the kite nor to put the board
      > perdendicular to the kite but slightly forward such that you have some
      > forward moving force. Try to balance such condition with BOTH of your
      > feet and not just with the front nor the back foot.
      > Hung.
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