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3035Re: [ksurfschool] controlling wakeboard speed

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  • Hung Vu
    Apr 3, 2002
      ian@... wrote:
      > My main problem being that as I get going I get faster and faster until everything just gets madly out of control resulting in some serious wipe outs. The area where I ride is a little bit choppy which doesn't help the matter but I imagine that once I learn to reduce the speed, the chop wont be such a problem.
      > I've watched boost several times and it isn't something that they go too far into. When I try and edge harder upwind I find it progressively harder and harder to hold the edge and I slide into an even worse wipe-out.

      Sounds like you are in the going-too-fast and going-too-slow dilemma.

      When you are going too fast, the kite simply makes you going faster and
      faster until you fall.

      When you are going too slow, the kite simply yank you right out of your

      The trick is not to go with the pull of the kite nor to put the board
      perdendicular to the kite but slightly forward such that you have some
      forward moving force. Try to balance such condition with BOTH of your
      feet and not just with the front nor the back foot.

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