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3031RE: [ksurfschool] controlling wakeboard speed

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  • Anton Potgieter
    Apr 3, 2002

      I had a similar problem and took a while to get past it - maybe one of the
      pros out there can give the mechanics of what is happening, but basically,
      although at first it seems not logical, you have to edge HARDER, point the
      board more UPWIND, fly the kite LOWER, and just hang in ... sort of mind
      over matter until you get the hang of it. Depowering on the chicken loop
      also allows the kite to go further upwind. Don't try and fly the kite
      higher to bleed off power, it has the opposite effect, and ends up lifting
      you so you can't hold the edge properly ...


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      Probably a topic that re occurs regularly but it's one with which I am
      having a lot of trouble as a beginner on wakeboards.

      My main problem being that as I get going I get faster and faster until
      everything just gets madly out of control resulting in some serious wipe
      outs. The area where I ride is a little bit choppy which doesn't help the
      matter but I imagine that once I learn to reduce the speed, the chop wont be
      such a problem.

      I've watched boost several times and it isn't something that they go too far
      into. When I try and edge harder upwind I find it progressively harder and
      harder to hold the edge and I slide into an even worse wipe-out.

      On a somewhat different note: I have been going leashless on a 145 wake with
      sandals, but with all the crashing I'm tempted to use the leash again. I'm
      thinking that maybe not using a leash is more for when one gets better and
      goes for bigger tricks??

      Opinions on both topics are greatly appreciated,



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