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3029controlling wakeboard speed

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  • ian@gettingnervous.com
    Apr 2 1:41 PM
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      Probably a topic that re occurs regularly but it's one with which I am having a lot of trouble as a beginner on wakeboards.

      My main problem being that as I get going I get faster and faster until everything just gets madly out of control resulting in some serious wipe outs. The area where I ride is a little bit choppy which doesn't help the matter but I imagine that once I learn to reduce the speed, the chop wont be such a problem.

      I've watched boost several times and it isn't something that they go too far into. When I try and edge harder upwind I find it progressively harder and harder to hold the edge and I slide into an even worse wipe-out.

      On a somewhat different note: I have been going leashless on a 145 wake with sandals, but with all the crashing I'm tempted to use the leash again. I'm thinking that maybe not using a leash is more for when one gets better and goes for bigger tricks??

      Opinions on both topics are greatly appreciated,



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