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3022Re: [ksurfschool] Water relaunch inflatable

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  • Hung Vu
    Apr 1, 2002
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      skywalker66au wrote:
      > I can get the kite (Wipika Hydro 11) on its back ok by pulling on the
      > back lines and letting go. But I haven't worked out what to do next
      > to get the kite to traverse to the edge of the window. It seems the
      > kite decides which side it wants to go to. It sometimes takes me a
      > while to finesse it to move from dead downwind, is there a special
      > technique to get things happening faster?

      This is a very good question. Water relaunching an inflatable should
      need more explanation.

      After an inflatable is flipped over on its back, there are 3 phases to a
      successful relaunch: the catch-the-wind phase, the
      sliding-to-the-window-edge phase and the launching phase.

      The catch-the-wind phase is the least understood. Once an inflatable is
      on its back, somehow a tip/part of the kite has to catch the wind to
      generate force to turn the kite into a vertical C shape. If one does
      nothing, the kite either continues to stay on its back or in some
      fortunate situations, the dynamic of the gust and the water can somehow
      let it catch-the-wind to get into a vertical C position. The best way
      to let the kite catch the wind is to pull slightly on one of the tip
      depending on the position of the kite. If the kite is more to your
      right, pull slightly on the left tip, if the kite is on your left pull
      slightly on the right tip (the left/right designation is the same as
      your bar: pull left end of the bar -> pull the left tip). If the kite
      is straight down wind, you can alternatively pull the right or left tip
      until one of the tip catch-the-wind - the other alternative is to swim
      to one side and then pull slightly on the same tip (swim right and then
      pull slightly the right tip).

      The transition between the catch-the-wind phase and the
      slide-to-the-window-edge phase is also the least understood. Once the
      kite has catch-the-wind, one has to immediately release the top tip and
      pull on the bottom tip. This action will allow the top tip to catch
      more power, allowing it to lift the kite into a vertical C, fully on top
      of the water and slide to the edge of the wind window. Failure to
      release the top tip soon enough will collapse the kite and it will
      likely get into a folding-top-tip position or leading-edge-down

      The launching phase is simple, once the vertical C is near the wind
      window edge, simply pull on the top tip of the kite to launch it
      skyward. In strong wind, one can launch a higher AR inflatable mid-way
      between the edge of the wind window and straight down wind.

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