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2894Re: [ksurfschool] Re: To chicken loop or not?

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  • Mel
    Mar 9, 2002
      Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:

      > I think Mel start to see the "light"...
      > It's the LOOP that is dangerous and should be banned unless
      > they shipped
      > a snap shackle loop as the standard device.

      Actually Hung, I "saw the light" a couple of years ago after about the third
      time I used a 4-line sled, & have been an anti-loop snapshackle advocate
      ever since.

      AND airdoodle <matthew.hockin@...> wrote:

      > Any suggestions about waiting for the prolimit v.s. buying a snap
      > shackle today?

      1) Don't risk your life for the next few weeks (I just heard it will be
      mid-to-late April before they're here), just in case they end up working
      better (making you feel like you "wasted" $60, just to save a trip to the
      emergency room).

      2) An advantage to the snapshackle is that it keeps you hooked in when a
      loop may fall off a hook (releasable or otherwise) when you don't want it
      to. Advantages of the ProLimit include the ability to unhook from a trim
      loop when you DO want to, as well as the ability to release from a main
      harness line.

      On the snapshackle itself, www.westmarine.com # 214700 is a Wichard "trigger
      release" that's less expensive than the Tylaska T-8, but I still prefer #
      583940 (Wichard 2673). Both require roughly equally easy modifications for
      kiteboarding use, but the 2673 releases just as reliably (tip pivot) at
      about 2/3 the price, & can be set up so pulling a "grab-ball" in ANY
      direction releases it. There are photos in my group file folder.

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