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2891Re: To chicken loop or not?

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  • airdoodle
    Mar 8 8:01 AM
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      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > Mel,
      > I think Mel start to see the "light"...
      > Yes, the trim line is great... Even me I use the trim strap (which
      > turn shortens or lengthens the trim line).
      > It's the LOOP that is dangerous and should be banned unless
      they shipped
      > a snap shackle loop as the standard device.
      > Some "simplicist" like me just simply drop the loop...
      > Hung.
      Ok- Let me see if I can restate this to be sure I understand and
      to summarize everything. There seem to be three issues:

      1) Is the chicken loop a good device to control the kite.
      Yes.... under all conditions it allows you to have less
      power than you otherwise would so this is "safe"

      2) Is the chicken loop safe to be hooked into.
      I am a bit confused....

      two points seem to be being made, both sound correct

      It is not safe because if you get overpowered with the bar fully
      out you are really in trouble because you need to pull it in to
      get out of the loop and doing so increases (A LOT) the
      power to you in an allready bad situation. This makes sense.

      It is also not safe because the loop is too small to release...
      Can someone explain this to me at the first grade level

      So, the final summary seems to be, if we had (and we do) a way
      to more or less guarantee that you could get out of the chicken
      loop without pulling the bar in then the chicken loop would be the
      preferred (lets not argue about style of riding, just emphasize
      safety for beginners) system to use.

      So, shicken loop plus snapshackle = kite control + safety

      Any suggestions about waiting for the prolimit v.s. buying a snap
      shackle today?

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