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2885RE: [ksurfschool] Re: To chicken loop or not?- Note on shackels

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  • Philip
    Mar 7 2:06 PM
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      A note on Shackles. Do not Screw around! Get the Trigger release shackle
      Tylaska T-8.
      There are less expensive shackles for sure, but saving $50-$60-or even
      $100 bucks means nothing when you cannot release your self from the
      kite. Weather you get them from me or not is irrelevant! Just get one.
      Shackles with Pins become increasingly difficult to open as the load
      goes up and the friction builds on the pin.
      The Tylaska will release under huge load very easily as the trigger is
      not influenced by the load on the shackle.

      Moral- Don't try to save shekels when buying a shackle, If the pin gets
      stuck you are out of luck.
      In safety, trying to save a nickel may mean a trip to the

      Have Fun, Be Safe!


      Philip Mann
      Inland Sea Windsurf Co.
      toll free 888-465-2632

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      fernmanus <fernmanus@...> wrote:

      > A good snap shackle system can help you release from the chicken loop
      > when you are way overpowered. I personally would never do away with
      > the chicken loop.

      Trim LINES are great. It's the LOOP that's the biggest problem. Make
      the loop itself too small to hook to the harness, & use a good snap
      shackle to connect it instead. That way you can nearly always get out
      when you need to.


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