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2884Re: [ksurfschool] Re: To chicken loop or not?

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  • Hung Vu
    Mar 7, 2002
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      airdoodle wrote:
      > Unless you mean that when in the chicken loop and overpowered
      > (hopefully not often, but as you say it happens)that you are in more
      > trouble due to the bar being pulled away from you and its harder to
      > control/handle? Is this what happens? I have not had this happen in
      > the chicken loop yet, plenty of times in the main loop.

      When you are in the chicken loop and overpowered (the wind is at or
      above the max range of the kite), there is NO WAY to remove yourself
      from the loop.

      > How is the chicken loop any different in this respect from the main
      > or fixed loop? IS this because you need to haul down on the bar
      > along the center line when in the chicken loop to even get to the
      > point where you can use the bar to force the loop down, where as in
      > the main loop you just need to move the bar a little ways (does this
      > difference really matter when you up against you body weight 5 ft in
      > the air?)???

      Never have any problem releasing the main loop. Never be able to
      release the chicken loop in wind at or above the max range of the kite.

      The reasons are two folds: first, the chicken loop is much shorter
      therefore your arm anatomy make it much harder to release it than the
      main loop; second, when you slide the bar down to reach the chicken loop
      to release it, this action "empower" the kite and make it even harder to
      release the chicken loop.

      P.S., Attaching oneself to the kite (via a snap shackle) may be better
      but the best is to use a snap shackle right on the loop or a releasable
      harness hook (Prolimit or a "battery ribbon release" system - if they
      are working).

      P.P.S., The simpler option is not to use the chicken loop at all...

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