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2860Re: [ksurfschool] Waterfoil - advice please

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  • Hung Vu
    Mar 2, 2002

      From subsection 1 of the http://www.kitesurfingschool.org/howto.htm
      section of Kitesurfing School web site (it's probably better to read the
      web site than this "unformatted" copy-&-paste).

      Launching Foil:

      1.Lay your kite on the ground and put
      enough sand/snow on its trailing edge to keep it in
      place. Click here to see a picture.
      2.If you use a closed-cell foil that has
      pre-inflation valves (such as the New Wave or Jojo
      Wet), open them now to pre-inflate the
      3.Once the kite is properly pre-inflated,
      close the pre-inflation valve. Release the lines from
      you control bar or handles and attach
      your safety leash to your wrist. Click here to see a
      4.Launch the kite. If you are using a
      closed cell foil, make sure you maintain the tension on
      the front lines to let the wind fill the
      kite for approximately 60 seconds before launching.
      Click here to see a picture.
      5.If the kite is not completely inflated,
      move it across the wind window a few times before
      moving it straight overhead.

      Water Relaunch Foil:

      1.Water relaunch a foil is easy. The foil
      will either crash leading edge down or trailing edge
      2.If the leading edge is down, just pull
      on the brake lines (the center lead line) to reverse
      relaunch the kite.
      3.If the trailing edge is down, just pull
      on the control bar to launch the kite.
      4.If the kite is badly mixed up, just wait
      for the wind to blow the kite in to proper shape
      before using step 2 or 3 depending on
      the position of the leading edge and trailing edge.

      Landing Foil:

      1.If the foil has proper safety release
      system, to land a foil simply drop the control bar or
      handles, the kite will land softy down
      straight ahead.

      misterpauljarvis wrote:
      > I have just bought a second hand waterfoil and would like any advice
      > any one has on launching, flying and landing this kite. It is set up
      > on a control bar with the brake lines going to the centre depower
      > loop. I will eventually use this for kitesurfing but this weekend
      > will just spend time on land getting used to the kite. I currently
      > fly a 3.0m Blade 2 on handles and a 6.5m Wipika on 2 lines on a bar.
      > Thanks in anticipation, Paul.
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