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28[ksurfschool] Re: Kite size?

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  • Martyn_Gilson-1@sbphrd.com
    Jan 7 2:16 AM
      I have heard of it but I am getting a Very good price for a Naish and I cannot
      refuse it.

      tbl@... on 07-Jan-2000 10:13

      Please respond to ksurfschool@egroups.com

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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Re: Kite size?

      have you seen the waterfoil from peter lynn?

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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Kite size?

      I am very new to Kitesurfing but I can windsurf, carve gybes, waterstarts etc.
      so I understand the 'wind'...
      I recently had a go on my brothers FOne 6.5m kite and thought it was a nice
      sail. I have the opportunity to purchase a Naish kite and I would like some
      advice on what size to buy.

      Naish make a 5m and a 7 m and nothing in between. I am 85 kg, (OK after
      Christmas possible 88kg) and my brother who is also learning, recommends the 7m
      Naish "because it is not as powerful as his Fone 6.5m" (my brother is about
      105kgs and a better widsurfer).

      Naish quote that the wind rages for both sails are similar; 5m 12-25; 7m 10-20
      knots (for a 80kg person). I have my reservations on a 7m sail especially after
      reading kite school information (which I think is great). It seems obvious that
      it is better to be underpowered and develop your own power by making the kite
      fly faster, as explained by sine waves, rather than holding on for your life and
      being dragged down wind 50m each fall.

      It seems that a smaller sail is more versatile because it is faster, therefore
      more powerful in a bigger wind range.

      After all this 'theory', could someone please give me some advice on which size
      sail I should purchase??

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