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2718[ksurfschool] learning on a foil type kite

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  • kitesrfer@aol.com
    Feb 12, 2002
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      Hello James,

      Kitesurfing with a foil requires a totally different approach to setup,
      launching and landing when compared to the same procedures for an inflatable
      kite. Toss in different handling characteristics while you are kitesurfing
      and it really takes a different approach from inflatables. You can try to
      learn about all this in the "school of hard knocks" or you can take lessons.
      I strongly recommend taking the later approach. I remember getting "knocked"
      pretty hard, several times a few years ago while learning how to fly foils on
      my own before instruction was commonly available. You could contact Brian
      at Suntrax in Capetown for more info at:


      Rick Iossi

      Can anyone help me please? I am trying to learn to Kitesurf using a
      foil type water relaunchable kite. Is it more difficult then using a
      naish type kite. Also where can I find a set of diagrams as to the
      kite positioning whilst getting up on the board and thereafter. I am
      trying to learn alone and am finding it very frustrating indeed. By
      the way I am living in cape town South Africa.

      Many thanks
      James Ham
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