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2714Kite sports rock!!!

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  • Hung Vu
    Feb 11, 2002
      I went out with my skis in a perfect almost ice condition for kiteskiing
      (except for the wind of course).

      The wind was stronger in the morning (15-20 knots) but by the time I
      finished work, it became steady around 8-10 knots (as Murphy's law

      The almost ice condition was perfect and I must have gone 3 times or
      more the wind speed. I did not bring my GPS to measure the exact speed
      but just from the "apparent" wind chill factor, I must have done easily
      30 knots (I can also feel the "speed" in every jibe).

      Kite sports rock! I have much fun kitesurfing in the summer,
      kiteboarding on land in fall, kitesnowboarding in the winter and have
      gone faster kiteskiing than any other wind sport in my life!

      Happy New Year everyone!