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2688Handles and bars

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  • Hung Vu
    Jan 31, 2002
      The general "convention" for land or snow kiting is that it's best to
      use handles.

      - I don't seem to loose any performance with a bar setting in medium
      and strong wind while kiteskiing or kitesnowboarding (not counting the
      ability to depower the kite more effectively with a bar).

      The general "convention" for water kiting is to use a bar.

      - I've never been happy with a bar in light wind while kitesurfing
      (too slow to turn the kite).

      So bars or handles should not be a function of the sport, it's more a
      function of the wind. It's best to use a bar in more than 10 knots and
      use handles in less than 10 knots (where more precise control of the
      kite is more important)

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