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  • kick5onthenose
    Jan 7, 2002
      -Hey amigo, you can definitely learn to kite with a wakeboard, I
      think it's even easier to change direction than to worry about jibing
      with a directional. About the B2 though, this kite will be great for
      you to practice your kite handling on land, but unless it's blowing
      nuclear winds you will not be able to kitesurf with the B2. Depending
      on your weight you will need a full size kite. I suggest learning
      with someone who knows what they're doing, kiting is dangerous in the
      hands of a novice, and even experts sometimes. The best size to go
      with would be around 9.0m2, that way you'ld be able to learn how to
      body-drag and eventually get up and go. Now depending on the winds
      around your area it would be a good idea to check with a local shop
      or rider for a good size for your weight. Good luck, be careful and
      have fun!!

      -- In ksurfschool@y..., "n_moad" <n_moad@y...> wrote:
      > i can use the b2 to surf cant i??
      > or is it too small, and only useable on land as an actual kite to
      > learn the basic skills?. what is the cheapst kite u could surf with
      > using the production wakeboard???
      > thanks
      > n_moad
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