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2525Kite Wind Ranges (was Digest Number 502)

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  • Mel
    Jan 2, 2002
      Hung Vu <hungvu@...> wrote:

      > Kite size and rider weight is proportional ...

      And based on that assumption, I built an interactive (plug in your own
      weight) wind range calculating spread sheet which can be freely accessed by
      anybody*. Just go to www.yahoogroups.com, type "kitesurf" in the search
      field, click on the one with the BIG membership (over 1,000 members), & then
      click on "files" at the left. Scroll down & click "Mel's Stuff", then "Kite
      Specs", then "range estimator" at the bottom, & follow the highlighted

      *Anybody with Excel, at least. I finally got around to checking that you
      CAN access the "kitesurf" yahoogroup files as a "guest", without even