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2470RE: [ksurfschool] Some help?

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  • Andre Myburgh
    Dec 13 10:54 PM
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      > Go to the kitesurf group files & look in the "Mel's Stuff"
      > folder for the "kite specs" file & check the "range estimator" sheet.

      Or just buy the biggest kite you can find ;-)

      I weigh that (86kg). I can get going in 5 knots on a longboard and 8.4
      Airblast (11 Naish). I'm guessing an 11.8 Airblast (16 Naish) and a floaty
      directional will get you going in 5 knots too. You should be able to handle
      an 11.8 in 15knots with a smaller board. If I were you, get a bigger board
      (for learning and for <12 knots) and an 11.8 (=16 Naish). Then, when you're
      confident, go for a smaller board in 12+knots.

      On the other hand, if it's blowing 5 knots more often than 15, go bigger (16
      Airblast/Free-Air = 23Naish).

      There's a (big) guy here cruising and doing jumps on a small board and a
      2000 16-Free-Air in barely over 5 knots.


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