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2434Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Light wind kite information??

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  • Dwight & Jacky
    Dec 1, 2001
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      > To dwight
      > Mayby there is no idea to surf if you have to sine a 17,5
      > constantly...
      > what i ment was during the lulls to keep the edge..
      > Thoughts:
      > I think i read somewhere in Hung kite school that a small kite that
      > moves fast generates more power by movment than a bigger kite..
      > Or im I out on thin ice :)

      It is true that with a very small and fast kite you can make a lot of power sine flying a kite. This
      is not a fun way to kite, and the 9.4 kite is not small enough or fast enough to be fun flying it
      that way.

      > Statement:
      > Mayby there is no straight answer wich size brand or sine pattern you
      > can use I just want to be able to surf more....) Mayby im frustrated
      > because my kite have been in the shop for 3 month an all the aug sep
      > okt (ok thats 4 month)wind has blowned away..

      Cabrinha bladders are easy to get now. You should be able to get your kite fixed immediately.

      I dont think i have to
      > say which brand im using...They proberly have enough problems its a
      > very good kite and mayby if im nice i will get my bladders in
      > christmas mornig....I actually saw the 2002 kites in sotavento fuerte
      > (The German camp) ventura and they looked really nice stronger
      > material on the leading edge and proberly good material on the
      > inside :)
      > Truth:
      > One thing i know is that in the summer 2002 I will have som kind of
      > big flying object that will be able to take me out in less wind then
      > im able now...
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