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237Re: [ksurfschool] Using C-Quad:

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  • Mark Frasier
    Jun 11 8:35 AM
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      At 11:07 AM 06/11/2000 EDT, kennyfarnsworth@... wrote:
      >I agree that the C-Quad offers good value. I am sure that Peter Lynn is
      >working on a great water relaunchable kite.

      They have the Waterfoil (which is available now) that is a traditional
      valved foil like the New Wave. Like the New Wave it is supposed to be very
      easy to relaunch, and fairly stable, but the New Wave is supposed to have a
      much better depowering system.

      PL is also working on the Arc - a double skin sled (like a cross between a
      Naish and a New Wave) that is very depowerable, fast (i.e. good upwind
      angle) & very hard to luff. Also easy to relaunch, they say.

      I'm really hoping to get a chance to try a New Wave. They sound great. A
      lot of people are very happy with them.

      Mark Frasier

      >In the meantime, there is a ram
      >air kite that I would recommend even for beginners. The Concept Air New
      >is an excellent water relaunchable kite. It is not cheap, but less
      >than the Wipika or Naish Kites. It is a much more stable flyer and offers
      >good power control. It has 3 lines, 2 for steering and the center is a
      >line. The kite is much easier to relaunch than a Naish or Wipika. If it
      >falls to the water, all I have to do is either puff up the kite by rowing on
      >the lines or if it comes down on its nose I just pull the brake line and it
      >reverses back up into the air. It makes me feel like a magician after
      >hassling with my Naish kites. I can steer the kite into the power zone and
      >just park it and ride. There are a couple downsides to the New Wave. One
      >that it cannot sit on the water for more than 10 minutes or so. So, if you
      >experience a long lull or get your lines seriously twisted, you may need to
      >swim for shore because the kite will begin to take on water. However, it is
      >easy to drain and deflate the kite because it has Velcro closures to let out
      >water and air. 2. You have more tiny bridle lines that can become tangled.
      >I keep my flying lines permanently attached to the kites bridles lines to
      >prevent the bridle lines from getting all twisted together.
      >I have a 9.3 CA New Wave. Yesterday, I took it to a local lake (Jordanelle
      >Reservoir) and I was able to get up and plane in 7-8 mph winds on my Naish
      >6" board. It was incredible to be surfing in such light winds. There was
      >chop on the water and the wind was barely noticeable.
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