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226Re: [ksurfschool] Using C-Quad:

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  • Hung Vu
    Jun 8 5:58 PM
      Mark Frasier wrote:
      > The most important points are: C Quads are cheap and high-performance, but
      > more demanding to fly and don't normally relaunch from water. Naish AR 3.5s
      > are easier to fly (for someone starting out, or so I'm told, I know I can't
      > fly 'em worth crap), do normally relaunch from water and perform well
      > enough to be of use, but are expensive. Right?

      Given the price of the complete set of bladders is around $100 USD, why
      are the Wipika/Naish kites are so expensive compare to the C-Quad (both
      are single skin kites, the only somewhat "construction" difference is
      the bladders versus battens) ? Is it something to do with the Wipika's
      patent? If so, when will the patent expire such that we can have more
      affordable gear for the beginners?

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