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2241Re: Launching the ARC solo

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  • surfsup@ragingbull.com
    Nov 6, 2001
      > The best practice to simulate a waterstart is to lie on your back,
      > with the kite overhead, then dive it & bend your knees a bit (if
      > necessary) to let it pull you up to standing.

      I'll do that, but the field I fly in has a lot of Goose sh-t in it!

      > Good things to practice for riding are: in VERY light wind, fly as
      > close to the surface as possible, doing horizontal passes from one
      > edge to the other, back & forth, AND making the kite follow a "sine
      > wave" pattern (up & down as it goes across) while flying as low as
      > possible, back & forth from one edge to the other, back & forth.

      I've actually been doing that...but sometimes when the wind
      completely dies out (which it sometimes does), the kite will flounder
      and I'll have to pull on the upper TE line with one hand to apply
      pressure to prevent it from stalling and nosediving from ten feet
      above the ground. But I guess in days like this, I wouldn't be on the

      <u>I was thinking of perhaps adding some leaders to the four lines
      and pass the front leader (which is attached to each LE line at the
      end) through a pulley to accentuate their use in turning the kite to
      make it turn faster. Just trying to figure out how to do this so it
      can be "removable" to go back to the normal setup.

      <i>Try to remember to ask me later, since I can likely help, but my
      lunch break is over.</i></u>

      If you've got some ideas, I'm all ears. My two ktis are an ARC 630
      and the FUEL 140. So there's a considerable size difference and one
      is inflatable. That's why I want the system to be
      quickly "interchangeable" so that I can switch from the small arc to
      the large inflatable quickly and easily...

      >Cut off the tip of the pump nozzle, so you have space to squeeze the
      valve completely shut while you calmly remove the pump, then insert
      the plug. This & lots of other general tips are in a folder
      called "Trivial tips" in the "kitesurf" group files.


      BTW, any suggestions for washing grass stains off the kite? Will
      certain cleaners damage the material? My kite has quite a few stains
      from wet grass, etc.

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