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2221Complete Kitesurf kit, new $700

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  • pandkindustries@yahoo.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      Advance IO Kitesurf package, $700
      Paul Niznik
      (917) 687-3748
      What you need to start; new IO 9.5m kitesurf kite, 21 meter lineset and
      Advance flexing 4-line control bar. A great deal at $700. A great bargin for
      kiteboarders and traction kiters eager to grab a new performance kite that
      hauls and can water-relaunch! One-way air scoops keep the air in and the
      water out,
      and it self-inflates quicker than any other water-kite on the market.
      Color white and orange. Recommended wind range on the
      9.5m IO is 7-15 knots (8-18 mph), but with the four-line independent control
      from the unique Advance bar and experience you'll be out in up to 25 mph.
      sizes available, see us at pandkindustries.com. Comes with the Advance
      in-line brake-limiter safety system for emergency releases that works with
      both bars AND handles, the only such system on the market ("Kitesurf
      Magazine", 2000).

      We have the Advance Rhea and Alien Kites ready for the holidays!

      Paul Niznik
      P&K Industries
      (917) 687-3748
      5907 Boulevard East #D8
      West New York, NJ 07093