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2218Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Mel - The ARC 630

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  • Mel
    Nov 1, 2001
      <surfsup@...> wrote:

      > Yeah, the screw gate is exactly what you are describing. I forgot the
      > name. It seems easy to set up and I just leave the snapshackle
      > attached all the time - even with the harness in the closet.

      If you're not using a wrist-activated release it's just as easy to simply
      use the existing trim loop to lark's head around the closed end of the snap
      shackle, & just "snap" it onto the hook of your spreader. It should release
      more reliably AND eliminate the need for the threaded chain connector. It's
      just as easy to set up. Instead of "just leave the snapshackle attached all
      the time" to the harness, it's attached all the time to the trim line.

      > I have the snapshackle head over the loop (so the loop goes through
      > the snapshackle release) and then I snap it in place. One tug and its
      > gone. I did this originally with the steel ring lark's head over the
      > trim loop, but what wound up happening is the little "bulb" at the
      > tip of the swivel opening of the shackle would wedge itself between
      > the lark's head knot sides and I would still be attached. So now it
      > goes right on the loop without the steel ring there.

      That is usually quite unsafe (unreliable release). I'd suggest flipping the
      snap shackle "upside down" as described above. At the very least you should
      open the shackle, & TRY to make the loop catch on the little "bulb" at the
      tip. If it's at all possible to do so, then it could also happen on the
      water, while you're getting dragged head first towards some big jagged rocks
      (or a lawyer's kid).

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