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2215Re: Mel - The ARC 630

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  • xtremcata@yahoo.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      > > Jumping on land is never safe. Don't even bother, unless you
      > to "get
      > > used to" being in the hospital. It's not worth it, because it's
      > way too
      > > easy to injure yourself enough to prevent further "practice" (on
      > land OR
      > > water). Jumping on the water is very easy to learn anyway, so
      > there's
      > > really no need to get used to it on land.
      > But its so frickin' cold in Chicago now! I don't have a dry suit
      > don't really want to buy one. I have a wetsuit, but the water's too
      > cold for that right now. So what do I do? I guess I'll fly and not
      > jump.

      Do like me, buy a mountainboard or make it and extend your season
      until the snow ! Now I can kite all year long :)
      Yeah! :)

      > I'll post the pictures probably Friday night/Sat night (getting
      > busy right now to spend the time with the digital camera)
      > V
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