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2040Re: Kitesurfing danger in strong wind!

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  • fernmanus@yahoo.com
    Sep 28, 2001
      Shorter lines are a good idea, but not always feasible especially
      with very large kites in light winds. Some of the large kites (Naish
      17.5 ARX or larger) are nearly impossible to relaunch on anything
      less than 30 meter lines. It doesn't take much of a gust to launch
      you when you are flying a huge kite like a 16.4. I have had jumps
      extended well over 200 feet in length due to a gust.

      I do agree with you. If the wind is strong and unstable. It is a
      better idea to go out with a larger kite and short lines. The point
      I am trying to make is that it is a good idea to always go out well
      prepared and use good common sense. Wear a helmet and an impact
      vest. The impact vest has saved me from serious pain on a couple
      poorly timed jumps. The other good advice is not to time a jump to
      coincide with a gust if you are near shore. Once you are up in the
      air, a gust can pick you up and carry you a long ways. I have had it
      happen numerous times. This is great when you are away from shore,
      but potentially lethal near shore.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > It has been brought to my attention that another kitesurfer died in
      > Spain. My condolence to his friend and family.
      > It seems like the accident happened in strong disturbance of air
      > in relatively strong wind 18+ knots.
      > The only kitemares or near kitemares I had in kitesurfing was when
      > wind was 20+ knots.
      > Remember that kite velocity is often 2-3 times wind speed and power
      > square of kite velocity.
      > Since then, I have started to use shorter lines in stronger wind and
      > have yet encountered any kitemare in strong wind.
      > When the lines are shorter, kite velocity is limited to 1-2 times
      > speed (the kite does not have enough wind window to accelerate to 2-
      > times wind speed).
      > Also, when the lines are shorter, regardless of how disturbed the
      > is, the wind velocity at the kite should be somewhat similar to the
      > feel by the rider and he/she can re-act appropriately sooner before
      > too late.
      > It's seem like shorter lines is one of the answer to safe
      kitesurfing in
      > strong disturbed wind, let's try to use it.
      > P.S., I frequently kiteskiied in disturbed winter storms and felt
      > safer kiteskiing in 30 - 45 knots with my Wipika Classic 3.5 and 0m
      > lines than with a 1.5 m2 foil with 30m lines.
      > Hung.
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