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1963Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Learning

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  • Hung Vu
    Sep 7, 2001
      Scott wrote:
      > --- Thanks Hung, as far as foils go, what would you recommend for my
      > weight, experience and average winds? I can actually get a 630 Arc
      > for about $475, a good price, but i'd need better overall wind at my
      > weight. (Looking to keep costs below 700 bux, after all accessories,
      > no board of course yet!)


      Depend on how much you weight, a 7-8 m2 foil may do well for you for
      learning in 10 - 15 knots. I know a person having a 7 m2 Advance IO for
      sale at $200 US (no lines, just kite and Advance IO bar. Send me
      private email and ask for his email if you are interested). For other
      low cost kite, check www.kitesurfingwchool.org/used.htm . Kinsley at
      Extreme Big air use to have the Mosquito for sale at 50% off.

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