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1856Re: Final Waterstart question. Sooo Close!

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  • infrauk@yahoo.co.uk
    Aug 21, 2001

      Thks for the advice, one final question though. When the kite has
      been dived and you're up, do you fly the kite back up again but more
      towards the direction of travel? or do you keep it at the angle you
      original got up with but keep ing in the direction of travel?

      Hope this makes sense.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "Philip Mann" <phil@i...> wrote:
      > Rob,
      > Diving the kite to the edge of the Window will not give you any
      power to get
      > up on the board.
      > Just as will a directional, you need to dive the kite into the
      power Zone to
      > get up on the board.
      > Where in the power zone depends on how powered up you are.
      > If you are very powered up you can drive the kite more towards the
      edge of
      > the Power window, but driving the kite down the edge of the window
      > result in no to very little power, this will generally just cause
      your body
      > and board to turn into the wind.
      > Be more aggressive with your dive into the power zone! keep the
      weight on
      > the back foot and stand up. Bring the kite up to neutral and try
      > Practice this and you will learn how steep and deep to make the
      initial dive
      > to get up and on the board.
      > Have Fun,
      > Philip
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      > Subject: [ksurfschool] Final Waterstart question. Sooo Close!
      > All.
      > I weigh 140lbs, have an F-One TT 178, and a selection of Arcs.
      > Hopefully in the final stages of learning to waterstart but want to
      > confirm that "a" I'm doing it right, & "B" have a query:
      > "A" Waterstart Technique.
      > With the kite in Neutral, I put my weight onto my back foot, move
      > kite towards the edge of the wind window according to the direction
      > want to travel, briefly point the front of the board towards the
      > kite, then when up, make sure the board is parallel to the kite,
      > distribute my weight evenly across both feet and edge hard.
      > Is this correct in your experiences?
      > "B" Kite Manoeuvers
      > With directionals, I was told you needed to dive the kite to get up.
      > But not on Twin tips. Is this true? If not, could you advise how the
      > kite should be manoeuvered?
      > Determined to get up and stay up this weekend.
      > Thanks in advance for your assistance.
      > Rob...
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